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Darling Downs Sailing Club - Toowoomba

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Sailability provides sailing opportunities for people with disabilities. The joy and laughter of our sailors is our reward. We make a difference!

We need on-shore helpers as well as safety boat and sailing crews to help our friendly team of volunteers.  Previous experience is not required and casual helpers are welcome. There is no ongoing commitment – you choose which Sundays you come.

If you would like to help please contact us. You can complete a membership form and bring it with you – but we have blank ones too.  There is no membership fee.

These are some of the tasks we carry out:
  • Rigging and launching dinghies
  • Fitting life jackets
  • Operation of the support boat
  • Sailing the dinghies
  • Administration
  • Winching sailors into dinghies
  • Assisting on the shore

Blue card System

As a volunteer you will be working with young people and will, with few exemptions, require a Blue Card. For more information visit the  Public Safety Business Agency web site.

Application forms are available at Blue card forms for new applicants and renewals or we can provide printed copies. Take your completed form to the Secretary along with the personal identification you have nominated on the form. The secretary has been designated as our organisation/volunteer co-ordinator.  There is no fee for Blue Cards for volunteers.

Centrelink pensions

Volunteering may count towards your Activity Test/Participation Requirements for Centrelink benefits.

"If you are aged 55 and older you will be able to fully meet your requirements by engaging in 30 hours or
more per fortnight of part-time work, recognised volunteer activities, or a combination of both."

Please check with Centrelink for more information.

Procedures Documents

Our resources page provides more detailed information and guidance for volunteers including radio usage, safety boat operation, sailing, and more.
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