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Darling Downs Sailing Club - Toowoomba

sailability sailors

We welcome you to Sailability Darling Downs. We hope that your day at Sailability Darling Downs will be an enjoyable social occasion for everybody and that friendship and interaction become the order of the day.

We want to give you the best possible sailing experience! We recognise for many of our sailors this will be the first time they have ever been in a sailing dinghy. Initially, we will taking things very slowly to ensure the sailor is totally comfortable in their new environment on the water.

For some sailors the experience may simply be a ride on a boat and never any more and that is totally OK.

As the sailor develops comfort we will start to engage the sailor in discussion about sailing. We might start off by explaining some basic sailing terms e.g. Port means Left and Starboard means Right.

For those sailors that may have joined us a number of times we might introduce some basic handling skills and even allow the sailor one hand on the tiller (steering wheel) while the skipper keeps their hand also firmly on the tiller.

For the most advanced sailors we may even be able to introduce them to sailing as part of a broader sailing club.

Remember, for the elite level sailors there is a pathway all the way to the Para Olympic Games and beyond.

safety and supervision

While on the water we just ask that you always carefully follow the instructions of the skipper – they have been trained to help you.

Also while on the water we ask that you never try to exit the boat. If for any reason you feel uncomfortable – just let your skipper know and they will take immediate action to return you to shore as quickly as possible.
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