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Darling Downs Sailing Club - Toowoomba

sailability carers

information for carers and their charges

We welcome you to Sailability Darling Downs. We hope that your day at Sailability Darling Downs will be an enjoyable social occasion for everybody and that friendship and interaction become the order of the day.

Bookings are essential as places will be limited, particularly as we develop our resources. We’re happy to take group bookings and for you to book ahead for some weeks. Please contact us.

We do ask that you advise us as soon as practicable of inability to attend so that we can allocate places to other people.

Our sailing will be available on the third Sunday of each month from approximately 9.30 am see our sailing calendar. Sailing time will be a minimum of 30 to 40 minutes and we request a sailing donation of $10 per sailor to assist us with cost of operations. Where a carer is required to accompany a sailor, there will be no additional charge. Receipts will be issued by our registrar on the day.

Sailing will be on a first come, first served basis with some flexibility possible.

If you or your organisation are “first timers”, we would ask you to complete an information form with your organisation’s name, email, phone contacts and the name of your manager or person in charge.

Tea, coffee, soft drinks and a barbecue will be available at a small charge.

safety and supervision

We recognise our duty of care to you and your Client (our Sailor) and safety is the first priority in all our activities. We are happy to discuss any concerns you may have in this regard.

Our Officer of the Day is responsible for all activities at sailing and is the person to speak to.

To ensure safety and comfort for all, we would ask you to observe the following Guidelines:
  1. Responsibility for your charges rests with you, the Carer, at all times until after your client (our Sailor) is safely seated in the boat. Your responsibility resumes as soon as the boat returns to shore at the end of the sail and we request that you be there and assist as much as possible in the transfer to and from the boat.
  2. To minimise delays and maximise the number of sailors we can cater for, toileting needs should be anticipated as much as possible before sailing and sun protection provided for in advance.
  3. When asked to prepare your client for sailing, we ask that you assist with the fitting and secure fastening of PFDs (Personal Flotation Devices, aka life jackets) of the correct size. We need you to accompany your client to the shore to supervise their transfers to and from the boat and to advise the OOD and dinghy skipper of any medical, behavioural or other factors that could affect safety on the water.

health and safety

Cooby Dam water while one of Toowoomba’s water supply dams it is not treated until the water is pumped to the water treatment plant. Accordingly, untreated Cooby Dam water should not be considered safe to drink. To manage this risk we have instituted the following procedures:
  1. Carers and skippers should discourage sailors as much as possible from placing hands in the water and then transferring this water to their mouths – do not drink the water.
  2. As a normal precaution, we recommend that sailors wash their hands after sailing, particularly before eating. It may be wise for carers to carry a supply of waterless hand sanitiser as washing facilities are a little distance away. Hand sanitiser, PFDs and sunscreen are available at the Club House.

carer support for our volunteers

We ask you, the carer, to assist our hard-working and sometimes short-handed volunteers wherever possible and we encourage your participation in all our activities.

As you see the benefits of our service to our disabled friends, we would appreciate it if you were able to recommend volunteering with us, to your friends and acquaintances.

We thank you heartily for your assistance in these matters.
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